Help Reduce Gun Violence

Medical experts consider American gun violence a public health crisis that should garner the same attention and action as any other viral epidemic. Americans own more guns per capita than citizens of any other nation. However, the American arms industry is strong, and the lobby that protects it is stronger still: Heavy lobbying from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun companies has stymied congressional efforts to regulate guns or their sale. As a result, little has been done to increase protections for American citizens, who are ten times more likely to be killed by guns than individuals in other highly developed nations. Beyond US borders, defense corporations contribute to global violence by developing large scale weapons and weaponizable technologies (such as unmanned aircrafts) that are purchased by both US and foreign governments. Researchers estimate that as of December 2018, American companies are responsible for 57% of the top 100 arms and military service companies’ sales, or the majority of a $400 billion global industry, and those sales can be traced to humanitarian crises in the Middle East and Africa.